Vehicle Manager

If you are a company or firm which is into Infrastructure or Building and Construction sector who owns the whole battery of vehicles including Earthmovers, Cranes, Dumpers, Trucks, Station wagons, pick-up jeeps, cars, Cranes and Multipurpose Vehicles. Then you must think of VehicleManager which helps you in keeping a disciplined approach to service and maintenance of your vehicles which costs you thousands of dollars.

With our product VehicleManager you can keep a log book on your computer itself and get reminders when the insurance is to renewed and when the next service is due along with the details of registration, price of the vehicle and other essential things.

  • Reminders for Service Schedules
  • Reminders for Service Reminders
  • Renewal date of the insurance
  • Information of Parts/Vendors/Drivers
  • Keep Track Fuel Economy

Key Benefits:

Easily Track fuel efficiency:

After you fill the tank, you can just enter the data into our software. The fuel efficiency of your vehicle will be calculated automatically which will help you identify long term trends and you can easily spot the problems and avoid disasters and service breakdowns.

Track vehicle's Insurance Renewal, service schedules and service history:

VehicleManager helps you create a database of your each vehicle. It also sets the reminder so you don't need worry about the renewal of your vehicle insurance. Nor do you have to worry about the service schedules and service history.

Track drivers, parts, vendors details:

Managing number of vehicles and of course, drivers. Then VehicleManager will take all the responsibility of keeping track of drivers, the vendors, where different important spares are available if the need be along with the contact details.

Key Features:

  • Available in two editions: SingleUser and MultiUser(Professional Edition).
  • Schedule recurring maintenance and inspection items by miles, kilometers, or hours.
  • Track vehicle's completed service and expenses.
  • Track vehicle's fuel efficiency over time.
  • Track drivers and their licenses/certifications/accidents (Professional Edition only).
  • Database of the parts used on your vehicles.
  • Track related vendors and contacts.
  • Print reports and export to various formats.

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