FilesAnywhere - DMS

FilesAnywhere is one of the first cloud-based storage services to emerge and today continues to offer customers, both consumer and business, a means to back up, edit, sync, collaborate, and share data as well as catalog photos, videos, and music. FilesAnywhere storage plans range from a free, 1 GB accounts to paid accounts ranging from 5 to 500+ GB. Private sites with customized branding and dedicated servers are available for corporate customers as well.

    Customize :
  • Backup automatically or on a set schedule
  • One and two-way sync options available
  • Sync everything or choose individual files/folders
    Protect Against :
  • Hardware or software crash/failure
  • Accidental loss or theft of a device

Key Benefits:

Selective Folder Sync, One way and Two-way Sync:

With CloudSync's Selective Folder Sync you have the ability to choose which files and folders to sync. You can also select to sync just one way or both ways.

Restore Data:

This can recover single files or whole folders, maintain Version history for instant rollback and keeps daily snapshots with 30-day archive.

Key Features:

  • No File Size Limit
  • Group Sharing
  • Send/Receive Large Files to Non-Users
  • Password Protected Sharing
  • Mobile Access & Apps
  • Automated Customizable Sync
  • FTP, SFTP and Drive Mapping


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