Can you afford the cost of efforts, wasted time, cost involved for searching and replacing the lost or mining the asset?

With our product AssetTracker, you can get the complete account of assets you have, where they are, how much they cost and much more. AssetTracker also enables you to use existing barcodes or you can create your own to check-in and check-out tools and equipment provided to your employees.
It helps you immensely with following things.
  • Check-in and Check Out
  • Scan and Print Barcodes
  • Track Purchases
  • Track Maintenance

Key Benefits:

Check in/check out your assets:

With AssetTracker, checking out computers, equipment and assets at your organization is so easy and you always have the information when you need an item to be returned. You can also set out overdue assets.

Tracking fixed assets in your business:

In case if you are multi location organization and you want to check at which locations your assets are and how much there worth is, our AssetManager can do that all. You have all the data in one place whenever you need.

Keep track of service, vendors, and contacts:
AssetTracker helps you in keeping track of when an item is due for service, the service instructions, vendors along with relevant contact information.

Key Features:

  • Easy tracking of unlimited number of assets.
  • You can attach pictures, owner's manuals, and any other files.
  • Print barcode facility for your assets/use existing barcodes to identify your assets.
  • Reports in a variety of formats.
  • Perform a fixed asset stocktake.
  • Track related vendors and contacts.

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